A Sojourners Ramble

Short visits to memorable places!

New Beginnings

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I decided to start this blog about visiting outdoor spaces on our planet with the aim to provide descriptive and science based information about the spaces I visit accompanied with photographs of the local flora and fauna existing there.

My life’s journey is not borne in the sciences of biology or ecology.  Some would say I missed my calling but still landed in a good spot.  I gained my interest and passion in birding from my mother and an appreciation of the great outdoors from my oldest brother. Most of my working life has been spent occupied as an entrepreneur supported by my family and many other important people. Through good fortune I now have the opportunity to explore the things that interest me most.

The title “A Sojourners Ramble” is an idea hatched amidst thoughts of telling stories about spaces visited. These spaces could be near my home or located anywhere on Earth.  It also reflects the meaning of “sojourner” and relates to: Our time on Earth is but a visit.

Finally, as I grow older I seek ways to become more virtuous through my personal interests. The experiences I write about will hopefully provide the readers a sense of why these spaces are important to both the community they are located in and the planet’s environment, and in turn provoke interest in experiencing these spaces for your own pleasure.

Author: Geoff

The universe reveals a guy looking for a constant learning experience concerning life and the environment combined with a special interest in birding, photography, travel and a desire to share his discoveries.

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